Traditional recipes
and real fruit flavour give
that delicious homemade taste!

The authenticity your customers expect. With no artificial preservatives, colours
or flavourings, our products can be enjoyed by all ages
at any time of the day. Guaranteed
repeat custom.

Your Brand

We bring our expertise
in compotes and fruit desserts to your brand.


Our knowledge of fruit

The sugar in our products can be adapted to produce compotes, fruit desserts, light compotes and compotes with no added sugar (classified according to legislation).

The textures can be smooth or with fruit pieces.

We work with traditionally or organically-grown fruit.

Our expertise covers all types of fruit (pear, red fruit, strawberry, multi-fruit, banana, apricot, pineapple, etc.).

All fruit, or combinations of fruit, are available upon request.



Always in demand!

Pots are an essential part of the compote market: their packaging is simple, practical and modern to suit all the family, ideal for storing and enjoying compotes and fruit desserts.
Available in packs of 4 to 16 pots.
Temperature-controlled or ambient logistics.


Kids' favourites

Light, easy to carry and practical to eat, pouches can be found in rucksacks, sports bags, picnic baskets and more, for a fruit-filled break for young and old!
One pouch = one portion of fruit
Available in single units or packs of 4 to 72 pouches.


Our pouches come with standard, easy-to-open caps for family products. And, for the little ones, the LARGE cap ensures optimum safety to avoid swallowing. It is also much easier for little hands to open!

International expertise

Today, we have a presence in France as well as other countries in Western Europe (United Kingdom, Italy, Spain, etc.) and Eastern Europe (in particular the Czech Republic).
Our products are also sold in South Africa, South America and the Middle East.
Any country is possible upon request.

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